Thursday, May 12, 2022

Poetry is in Everything?

 Understanding poetry as human making, makes the poetry of architecture easier to comprehend, but risks obscuring poetry’s meaningful, musical, and magical complexity.

“It’s not just building… it’s building worlds.”

— John Hejduk

Architectural imagination suspends disbelief in the shared dream that human situations can embody and inspire poetic experience. Every act toward this goal can be moving and transformative. ...One way to reopen human practices of worldmaking — architecture, theatre, poetry, teaching — is by risking more inclusive collaborations.

“Poetry is in everything / the city / this table / the streets,

in each minimal, common, and ridiculous motion”

— Fernando Pessoa

 Where do the architecture of poetry and the poetry of architecture meet? 

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Thank you Lisa, Andria, Max and Saba; thank you Grant Guy and David Gersten.