Thursday, December 19, 2019

"Table for Four / Eccentric Crops" Collaborative Poetry Chapbook

Table for Four / Eccentric Crops is now available from JackPine press, in a limited edition of 75 hand-made chapbooks >

 Exquisite Corpse is a well known surrealist game that is still worth playing. We dubbed ourselves "Eccentric Crops" in allusion to the long tradition of shared making, and our manner of growing the collaborative collage that poetry is.

periodic poetry table

book idea - inspired by color swatch books (too expensive)

more too expensive book ideas

duct tape moleskin


poetry is about a lot of things! and one thing poetry is about is friendship:
thank you Colin, Jenn & Steven.






some process, in case anyone is interested in how this collage poetry happened!

If you'd like to see/hear the launch event for Table for Four, then please do whatever it takes to view this facebook link - our only recourse! to that rare moment! of lived experience that "collaborative poetry" is! >