Saturday, September 18, 2021

Join Oct 2, 2021, for an "Archi-Poetry and Invisible Theatre" event with Ted Landrum and Grant Guy - Act 3 of "Theatres of Archimagination" in collaboration with Arts, Letters, Numbers "SunShip" to the CityX Venice Virtual Pavilion

"Archi-Poetry + Invisible Theatre" - Act 3 of "Theatres of Archimagination"
(online) Saturday Oct 2, 2021: 11am Central; Noon, Eastern; 6pm Venice

The full video recording of the event is now available on the Arts, Letters, Numbers youtube channel

Ted Landrum and Grant Guy will share and discuss recent work as Act 3 in a series of 5 "Theatres of Archimagination" curated by Lisa Landrum at the invitation of Arts, Letters, Numbers (NY) and CityX Virtual Venice Architecture Biennale 

In response to difficult questions, this event offers collaborative experiments aimed at renewing the architecture, theatre and poetry of the world! Architectural imagination suspends disbelief in the shared dream that human situations can embody and inspire poetic experience. Every act toward this goal can be moving and transformative. One way to reopen human practices of worldmaking — including architecture, theatre, poetry, and teaching — is by risking more inclusive collaborations.  Grant Guy’s Invisible Theatre Events will bring humor, and the everyday, to this #architecture, #theatre and #poetry conversation.

Thanks to Grant Guy, award-winning theatre artist, writer and poet for joining the fun; to my partner Lisa Landrum for sharing with us the opportunity to participate in her ambitious "Theatres of Archimagination" series; and to David Gersten of Arts, Letters, Numbers, for his generous invitation to share some of what we've been up to.

For me, this includes a recent series of collaborative poetry projects and experiments, including poems-in-progress made at the invitation of Grant Guy, and two fresh poems made in dialogue with architectural students collaboratively responding to challenging "SunShip" and Venice Biennale questions. "If a Bubble" and "The Flood Poem" will stream a few days prior to the Oct 2 event, on my own youtube channel, where curious people can find recordings of other Archi-Poems.

View the full Oct 2 event here!

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