Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ted Landrum reading at Thin Air: Winnipeg International Writers Festival, Sept 24, 2017

Link here for a video of my reading at Thin Air, Winnipeg International Writers Festival, Sept. 24th 2017. I read three poems from Midway Radicals & Archi-Poems: "Snippets of Kairos for Enkidu Haircut", "Writing an Aid to Me" and "Agog":

Thanks to Charlene Diehl, for the opportunity; to Joshua Whitehead, Guy Gauthier, and Uma Parameswaran, for sharing the stage; and Lisa! for recording and so much more.

Midway Radicals &Archi-Poems (Signature Editions​ 2017) can be ordered through any independent bookstore, or directly from the publisher > http://www.signature-editions.com/index.php/books/single_title/midway_radicals_archi_poems

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