Sunday, September 13, 2020

Find common ground [and] subject things to change

 "Objects! For me there are no such things! What counts are the relationships. They are infinite. ... And what is between ... I started by painting a space and then by furnishing it. The object is a dead thing. It only comes alive when it is activated. That is what poetry is, don't you see? Find the common ground between things. ... You have to subject things to change, to stop living on automatic."

— Georges Braque (in conversation with Paul Gruth), cited by Bernard Zurcher, Georges Braque: Life and Work p154, n17.


Elsewhere: "...the quality I value above all else in art ... [poetry] ... a matter of harmony, or rapports, of rhythm, and - most important for my own work - of 'metamorphosis'"

— Georges Braque (Richardson, Georges Braque 1959), cited by Dieter Buchhart, Georges Braque: Pioneer of Modernism (Aquavella, 2011) p50.