Friday, July 10, 2020

Critical archi-poetry — Before the End of the World

critical archi-poetry found in the middle
of Ed Roberson's To See the Earth Before the End of the World:

“A dome is the support
                           of the bridge-in-all-directions,
              anywhere the weathervane
                                             seated on it points.

The arch of each foot
                           stands on half the dome     of human balance,
             the start point   of the arc made step     our walking is,
                                        a colonnade of landing,  uplift,  then falling

                            The course the great domes of this program take
                to bridge over mortality       they think
                                               is to shape time and history,

or their stomp of progress           …arcing up andfallingdown,
                         the great capitols
                 each atop the other’s emptied footprint.

Geometries have narrative,
                               story,    program the building poses
               in its fit to the senses,
                                            the spatial drama of its lines
as built idea…

                   … is upside down made begging
            bowl    for wandering oceans…

                                                              … upside down
                           the foot’s upturned arches cupped into a ship’s
            hold   carrying each step’s ground
                                        gained by trampling another’s   

                    …an edge the earth shouldn’t have
                                                     for falling off itself…”


The insides
of a space, the human
in a volume,

internal like the room
of the Pantheon —


as it is poled through time —
also pulls through Grand Central

in slant hour
of light         stroke the floor.
The traveler…


is a transitional structure
its doors in different places.

… the exit to old Penn Station
long gone

                    A building travels
through time
                      … to the original

idea of a door
                        As an entrance to
the city     we could have picked up
our Virgil”

Critical archi-poetry excerpts from Ed Roberson's "Architectural Drawing", "Architectural Program" and "Travel Structure", found in the middle of To See the Earth Before he End of the World (2010) p75-78. Find more on the Chicago poet Ed Roberson and his thoughts on archi-poetry here, and here > where he notably proclaims "the audacity / to have survived. as the architectonic of a city."