Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Last words from Hejduk's Such Places as Memory

from Prayer for a House
        "matrix like a painting fool
         And blessed is the school"
from Orpheus's Memory
        "her heart burst red roses"
from Bacchus
        "seepage is inevitable"
from Florentine Grey
        "kept from descending
         by a pull of a heart"
from Without Interior
        "triangles shift as in a sea"
from On a Bridge
        "which reflects the graphite"
from Oslo Room
         might be kissed"
from The Metronome
        "densities silently implode"
from Outside Rome
        "the photos bled"
from Venice
         bird and man"
from Lampasas Square
        "endless twirl of fan"
from Helsinki Warehouses
        "slip out while you can" 
from Berlin Looms
        "the plan had been
from Arcadia
        "the sculptor knew
         the northern architect"
from A Monster Slain
        "there were such things"
from Vicitims-2
        "The past is not past"
from Atomic Light
        "their terror
         of abandonment"
from Parallel Implosions
        "Einstein laughing
         to an infinity"
from the Sleep of Adam
         of the lament"
from The Breath of Bacchus
         silencing all sound"
from Where Irises Once Were
        "the tears of blood"
from A Journey of Two
         aging simultaneously"
from Eros
        "a blush that made
         desire wait"
from Weightless Heart
        "the earth
from Soundings
         for birth
         and you?"
from Whispers of Prague
        "your building stones entomb"
from Munch's Night Crossing
         photograph he had taken himself"
from Electra
        "the chambers of her heart"
from Seville Blue
        "the skin
         explaining night"
from A Dead Oak
        "the silence of the bull"
from A Distant Breath
        "a distant breath"
from A Dark Plum Room
        "in a dark plum room"
from Abduction
        "the night sky"

from Under the Granite Arches
        "dragged from the light"
from Obsession of Dürer
        "left her

from A Lament
        "to a point
         celebrating a sadness"

from Chartres Dusk
        "the ancient dust"

from Hymn to a Sculptor
        "your signature of roughness"

from An Evening Conversation
        "to begin?
         We have already"

from Investigation of a Museum
        "in such a place"

from Archaeological Museum
        "their reality"

from Acropolis
        "Exit implies entry's lament"
from Medusa

        "your mouth and eyes

— a selection of last words from John Hejduk's Such Places as Memory: Poems 1953-1996 (MIT Press, 1998); in other words, archi-poetry begets archi-poetry.