Sunday, September 27, 2015

urban(e) paradox: sensual mediation "produces community through differentiation of the milieu"

"The gap makes all the difference, inviting us to differentiate and discriminate…[But] Aristotle replaces the common notion of sensing through distance…with sensing through mediation… a [mediating] potency which can take on the form of anything other than itself without being it; and an act which establishes a continuity across distance and difference… Metaxu [the intermediating between, or middle-ground] is the spacing of the interval which produces community through the differentiation of the milieu. It both unites and separates at once. It does not preexist the operation of mediation—it is mediation."

Richard Kearney, The Wager of Carnal Hermeneutics (Fordham U. Press, 2015) p25-26.