Sample CRITICAL WRITING by Ted Landrum

The Winnipeg Review
As a newcomer to the area I had the great honour (and challenge) of being asked to write a review of a major regional literary event.  I had as much fun writing this short piece, as I did attending the event - which was, in fact. an unexpected joy.

The Brooklyn Rail
As a former New Yorker, still in love with its unique density of competing forms, mainly banal but spectacular in aggregate, when I heard that MoMA was rudely knocking down the one-of-a-kind Folk Museum - for no good reason! -  well, I was pissed.  This debacle is still playing out. Now the new addition has opened, it's obvious those of us who protested were right to do so. Much was lost, very little gained. But it is not fashionable to criticize the fashionable.